A strong core

Core is a term used in the fitness world. But for those unfamiliar with the matter when we hear “maintain a strong core” we think of an incredible abdomen with a well defined six-pack.

What is the “core”?

The word core means “centre” or “nucleus”. But it is something more than working the abdominal muscles. This concept is used to refer to the trunk, the central part of our anatomy, and it is made up of a series of muscles that help to generate and transfer the necessary strength to make movements and daily activities.

So we can define it as the “centre of gravity” of our body.

Why is it important to strengthen it?

Its main objective is to stabilise and protect the vertebral column, so it should be worked globally, that is, involving all the muscles together.

All these torso-lumbar muscles (abdominal muscles, lumbars, of the pelvis, buttocks, and deep muscles of the spinal column) work like a girdle enveloping our trunk, providing us with stability and more control of the body posture to carry out any movement.

The idea is to train the whole area as it connects and helps the body to support your column so that all the body weight does not fall only on your bones. When the situation of these muscles is deficient the stability is bad and the risk of injury increases, especially on the lumbar area.

Benefits of working the core

  • Better balance, stability, and muscle action.
  • Better coordination and strength on the upper and lower body.
  • Works like a shield, protects the internal organs.
  • Promotes a better body attitude.
  • Prevents possible risks, pains, or injuries.
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